Saturday, 11 August 2012

So I have a blog now. REJOICE!!!

Well, maybe not quite rejoice. Unless you're a fan of the same shit I post all over facebook, but quietly think to yourself "If only there was a way these posts could be even more rambling & self-indulgent".

After inadvertently reading the whole of the internet (well, the good bits anyway... and the naked bits) and buying ebay dry of retro tee shirts and cheap Hong Kong action figure knock-offs, I figure it's time to either dash my laptop to atoms on some jagged rocks in a Bergman-esque act of malaise, or start using it for something practical instead. So it's the latter. This blog is where I intend to stick my writings, artwork, mixtapes, film reviews etc somewhere that people can see them, but more than likely won't.

Of course, I reserve the right to never update this blog again, and for it to sit as a permanent digital tribute to my chronic procrastination and lack of motivation. On the other hand, there is the very real probability that drunken Bavis may well think he's Hemingway every Saturday at 4am. Either way, for what follows, I am truly sorry.    

Genuine Avengers figures from Hong Kong... seems legit.


  1. Hey, hey, loving the bat on the blog banner :-)

    1. Cheers Andy! You'd probably appreciate the source material: